The Anchoring in of the Feminine Christ

I was made intensely aware of the inpouring of the Divine Feminine Love in the last few weeks and felt how all was intensifying. It is a Love beyond words.

What was happening was the full return of the Feminine Christ, which Mary Magdalene, is now fully anchoring in.   

With it the New Golden Age, the Age of Love is here, and with it the Heart center is opening in the highest degrees.  

With Mary Magdalene now fully anchoring in the Feminine Christ, and Yeshua, who holds the Masculine Christ, harmony, unity and balance is being restored in the highest degrees.  

With it great healing is now pouring in, via Mary Magdalene of the collective trauma of persecution in all and every form, and with it the healing of the deepest fears and wounds of all souls on planet earth. 

When I was in France Mary Magdalene, was constantly bringing me to the deepest knowing that the Book of Love would be returned to humanity, in all and every form and way, all 144 000 volumes of it. This holds the infinite Divine Feminine Powers of Love, which those who are called to serve in the High Priestesshood of the Feminine Divine have always practiced and were initiated in.  

It activates the highest Feminine Intuitive Powers, as well as the Sacred Heart, the Holy Chalice/Grail.   

The Holy Grail was never an object, nor a treasure: - it was the full opening of the Sacred Heart and the Sacred Womb and Sacred All Seeing, All Hearing, All Knowing, the Divine Feminine holds with the pure White Flame.  

It is the Sacred Rose, the infinite Rose, which is held within the Sacred Heart of the Divine Feminine and the Feminine Christ. 

The Feminine Christ holds the transcendental Love, the Transfigured Love, which goes far beyond the physical, and holds immortal and infinite love, which is ingrained in the soul fire and thus eternally present. It is a Love which goes far beyond words, or expression. It simply is!

Mary Magdalene’s presence is very powerful, yet, immensely feminine and her love is truly transcendental. She works with the Feminine Trinity, the Divine Feminine, the Holy Sophia and the Holy Shekinah, and together they hold the Sacred Arks of the Covenant, and whenever they appear, the Seraphim appear too.  

She will often touch your heart center, and when she touches the heart center, you will feel your heart expanding like never before. It is beautiful opening, now, of the woundedness within yourself. It releasing very old patterns of pain and suffering, and especially as said, persecution of any kind in any lifetime.  

Much of this is like old stuck energy still held in our energy fields, which is now simply dissolving by her touch. When this happens, as with me this morning, you will just have tears flowing, and deep forgiveness of self and others arises, and with it a very deep healing. A healing which goes beyond words.  

If you were a Essenes or a Cathar or Templar in other lifetimes, or persecuted in any way (often burnt innocently as a witch or branded as such), simply ask her to touch your heart center and ask of this healing. Do this when you can be alone, quiet and still and then go into the inner sacred temple of your own heart center and call her in and ask! 

Mary Magdalene during her last lifetime on earth, was being prepared for this and thus descended, in order to heal our wounds and trauma, and pain, for when she would return as the Feminine Christ.  

She needed to experience the deepest woundedness of the Feminine, the deepest persecution in order to now assist us all to heal from the same. 

She knows our deepest wounds, our deepest trauma. And yet, through it all, she holds the Power of Divine Love, which is omnipresent. 

Judith Kusel

I belong to the tribe of Wild Woman..

I move from deep within..

like the ocean..

I swell.. I retreat..

I crash.. I am calm.

No matter how I may appear on the surface..

the current runs deep in my Being..

and I am powerful beyond measure.

My Spirit lives free..

and refuses to conform.

My passion knows no limits..

and sets the winds blazing.

My heart is wide and full..

and Radiance is my gift.

~ Flora Aube